Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak

  • Mother of the Nation
  • United Arab Emirates

Subject Of the month

Elimination of Violence Against Women

Violence against women is one of the important issues that have been linked to many international laws, such as the Human Rights Convention and the lifting of forms of discrimination against women. Many international and local organizations have adopted the issue of violence against women, which represents an obstacle to achieving the goals of equality, development, and peace, and constitutes a serious violation of human rights.There is no doubt that any strategy related to women was not without this important issue. Many countries of the world are still developing plans, programs, and legislation to curtail violence against women, while working on establishing specialized bodies and identifying departments whose tasks are to combat violence against women. This issue has also been a priority for many countries of the world in the last five years. Despite all the efforts made by governments, states, and organizations,...


'Emirati Values Visual Book' project

The 'Emirati Values Visual Book' project comes under the patronage of "Mother of the Nation" and under the supervision of the Federal Youth Authority in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre and in association with the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority.

This project is part of the National Emirates Youth Values Program, which aims to strengthen values and communication between generations by filming dialogue sessions with senior citizens to benefit from their experiences, documenting and transferring knowledge, originality, and heritage. The book will be drafted, designed, and written by Emirati youth, published at the 31st edition of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2022.

"From the children of the Emirates to the children of the world" initiative

The launch of "From the children of the Emirates to the children of the world" initiative in cooperation between the Family Development Foundation and the Emirates Red Crescent, to consolidate the values ​​of giving, tolerance, and love for participation in the hearts of children in the Emirates by encouraging them to share gifts and toys with children from all over the world.

The donations of gifts and toys are made through 17 sites for the Family Development Foundation in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, and the Red Crescent will be responsible for distributing them globally.


"Family counseling portal" Initiative

The “ Family counseling portal “initiative has been launched as part of one of the services provided by the “Limaouneh portal”.

The initiative aims to anticipate sustainable social development ,unify classifications and concepts to support decision-makers in shaping family policies.

The “ Family counseling portal “initiative includes: family counseling services ,social counseling services, psychological counseling services and legal advice services.