Protecting the Environment is Everyone's Responsibility

On the fifth of June of each year, the world celebrates World Environment Day, and on this occasion, many goals, strategies, and programs are set by countries and national and global organizations that will create promising opportunities to protect and preserve the environment, with interest in monitoring challenges and developing the necessary mechanisms and programs to confront what threatens some components of the ecosystem for humans to live in a suitable natural environment free of pollutants that spoil air and food.

The world today is in a race to preserve the planet, as preserving the ecosystem is the responsibility of everyone whether governments, societies, or individuals.

Protecting the environment and supporting efforts to achieve this requires commitment, cooperation, and always searching for consumer alternatives for humans to protect the environment and significantly reduce the proportion of harmful waste, with attention to the development of supporting laws and legislations that ensure clean air, seas, oceans, rivers and residential complexes.

The environmental pollution that affected the environment came as a result of the consumption of many harmful substances whether plastic or metal, which need decades to be decomposed, in addition to the unsustainable use of agricultural land and soil management, which contributes to the deterioration of the land and its drought, which requires commitment and attention,  with the effort to implement the strategies and activities developed by governments in cooperation with the United Nations program.  This cooperation would achieve effective partnerships in the field of environmental care, improve people's lives and urge them to live sustainably and in harmony with nature and adopt more environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

I would like to stress the importance of raising people’s awareness and the need for them to follow appropriate guidelines and urge them to make their environment clean and safe for their safety and the safety of the planet, with the need to conduct research and studies to confront environmental and climate-related risks that threaten ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of implementing programs and initiatives to achieve sustainable development through compatibility and peace with the natural environment.

Fatima Bint Mubarak