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quotes of sheikha fatima bint mubarak

The late Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul, has given us a modern and unique model of giving, and everyone knows that wealth in the hands of "Zayed Al-Khair" meant nothing if it did not agree to the good and happiness of people. 

The development in its true sense is the advancement of society through production and equitable distribution ... To achieve this requires ensuring equality, equality proudly guaranteed to women in the UAE. 

The greatness of Nations is measured neither by wealth nor by urban development, as much by their noble human values, their cohesive social fabric, and the ability of their people to give, which deepens ties and unites feelings.

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12 December 2021

Shiekha Fatima bint Mubarak the most influential figure in women's rights this year: ACSR


12 December 2021