I have always believed that mothers are the backbone of nations... Inside every mother is a nation full of love and authenticity... She is an oasis of creativity, innovation, and endless giving which she transforms to her children. We see these qualities in our loyal sons and daughters, who follow the guidance of our wise leadership and aspire for our country to be at the forefront of a better and brighter future. 

The late Sheikh Zayed taught me that as long as we are alive, we must hold on to our dreams and ambitions, and continue working to achieve them. He also taught us ambitions have no limits. Therefore, I wish to see our sons and daughters continue our overall achievements.

The greatness of Nations is measured neither by wealth nor by urban development, as much by their noble human values, their cohesive social fabric, and the ability of their people to give, which deepens ties and unites feelings.

We live in a society based on tolerance, coexistence, and love for others, and we have to set a good example in the various aspects of our lives, especially in our virtual interaction with our children, to draw for them the path that guarantees them the optimal use of digital tools and creates good opportunities for safe and positive learning and interaction.

Knowledge is the light that illuminates your path, and noble values ​​​​such as respect and tolerance are the foundation on which our society is built. I invite you to work together to spread these values ​​​​among you and future generations. I urge you to be distinguished leaders and strive to achieve the best. Be a role model for your peers in the world. Ethics and science, and strive to achieve your dreams and ambitions, armed with knowledge and wisdom.