Subject of the month

Martyr Day and National Day 48

November 2019

Our national occasions are renewed, the spirit of unity is renewed in us, our aspirations are renewed and our efforts are united and we derive our strength from our unity, from the vision and wisdom of our leadership and from the sacrifices of our martyrs who set an example in giving and made their lives cheap in order to defend our homeland, so that this country remains high with proud and invincible and its progress is not hampered by the difficulties.

In these blessed days, with all our trustfulness and loyalty to our wise leadership and to our generous homeland, we remember the martyrs of the homeland, so that we stand for them to emphasize on that their sacrifices remain in our hearts and minds and they will always be a light that shines the history of our Country.

We also renew and emphasize in our forty-eighth National Day on our keenness to follow the founding leaders' approach and to follow the march of the leader and founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, May Allah forgive him. According to this approach, we will strive to build an honorable present and a promising future with the hands of Emirati men and women, who present every day the most prominent evidence of the love of the homeland embodied in their work, dedication and sincerity. Our wise leadership has always stressed that human is the foundation of development and the core of its objectives. Further, qualification of the UAE citizen according to the vision and strategies of the leadership will enable us to build the future we aspire to suit the name and status of the UAE among the countries and peoples of the world.

Congratulations to the UAE and its people on this day, which involves great achievements amounted to the sky of space and that are full of glory and proud and prosperity.

May Allah forgive the martyrs of the homeland and keep UAE and its Government and people safe, and it is great National Day for each of the UAE citizens and its inhabitants.

Fatima Bint Mubarak