Zayed Humanitarian Day

The United Arab Emirates celebrates Zayed Humanitarian Day on the tenth of April this year, corresponding to the nineteenth of Ramadan. This celebration comes to renew and recall lessons from the UAE's history, written by Sheikh Zayed," the symbol of goodness," who made it a living reality. Sheikh Zayed," may God have mercy upon him," has made humanitarian work a duty of the wealthy and a right of the needy persons in the belief of human fraternity, in which all humans are brothers and sisters, and in which grace and sustenance are in the hands of God Almighty, who provides, gives, and makes people rich.

Sheikh Zayed's approach was established in light of this certainty and these lofty principles. Anyone who has followed his long journey of giving can see how it is linked to human values such as compassion, equality, justice, giving, and respect for human dignity. The impact of this approach has been reflected in the people of the UAE, and it has become one of the characteristics that distinguish Emiratis. It has also been reflected in international cooperation strategies and approaches. The UAE's humanitarian role has emerged in many situations. It has taken the lead in relief efforts, providing aid to the needy and relief to those affected by wars, conflicts, or natural disasters.

The UAE's history of humanitarian work attests to the magnitude, diversity, and continuity of this giving. It also makes no distinctions based on gender, religion, or identity because it is based on assisting people and meeting their needs in challenging circumstances. Zayed's humanitarian action approach remains a constant guide to keep up with current developments, relying on the launch of pioneering initiatives, whether in the field of relief or development, to ensure providing support and assistance, as well as to achieve sustainability and development, which depends on empowering people not only to receive aids but also to help themselves and improve their ability to cope with circumstances.

The UAE has become a role model in humanitarian and development work, which is now widely appreciated worldwide, thanks to Almighty God and the pillars and values founded by the late Sheikh Zayed "May God have mercy upon him."

Every day, there is an initiative. In every circumstance, the UAE emphasizes that humanitarian action is a beautiful message for humanity, confirming that Zayed's approach to goodness," may God have mercy upon him," is the shining example in the the UAE's victorious journey.

Fatima Bint Mubarak