World Science Day for Peace and Development

The impressive scientific progress that the world has witnessed over the past years depending on the competencies of its scientists and in various fields, has established pillars for achieving the goals of development and peace.

Since ancient times, science has contributed to the advancement of societies, changing human lives for the better and improving their living conditions, whereas in the field of medicine and pharmacy, the contribution of scientists was very obvious in supporting development efforts, and many advanced treatments of various diseases and epidemics are discovered thanks to advanced technology. 

It has been exchanged among the peoples of the world, allowing them to benefit from the results of this science, which would not have advanced humanity without the efforts of researchers from different parts of the world, as progress in the field of health and scientific techniques was not exclusive to one people only, and the progress of science and knowledge has contributed to strengthening relations between the countries of the world and enhanced trade exchange, in addition to convergence, peace and fraternity reflected in the souls of the peoples.

This is also the case in other fields of science, in energy and clean energy, the development of transportation, the development of agricultural production and the achievement of food security, and in the preservation of the environment, the marine environment and the life of organisms. Then, in the areas of social change and the growth of societies, which their development and stability were supported by science as reflected by the results of research done by scientists in the field of sociology, education and management. 

Not only this but also science took a prominent position thanks to the efforts of scientists who work within an integrated system to achieve success in facing challenges and risks of all kinds, whether in the environmental, agricultural or health fields. This is evidenced by the fact that the world's scientists are facing the challenge of the Coronavirus. Scientists and physicians have sought to serve human beings without differentiating between one country and another and have united to face this virus, giving humanity life more health security and peace.

The development of the researchers’ efforts has gained great importance and is still a part of the development strategies adopted by many countries of the world, believing in the great development gains achieved by the development of research and the progress of science in various fields.

I emphasize that scientific development increases the number of scientists and researchers interested in enabling human beings to live healthy and sustainable life, which preserves sustainable development.

The common coexistence, peace and stability of societies were an expression of common goals for which they all worked.

Fatima bint Mubarak