With Knowledge Nations Rise

Scientific progress is the basis for nation-building and people's renaissance. Without science, knowledge, research, and development, humanity would not have made progress and would not have possessed all the means of modern life.

Scientific inventions and the development of technologies undoubtedly lead the world every day to more significant progress and save time, effort, and money for people to have a decent life in all areas of medicine, education, industry, economics, environment, transportation, communications, construction, agriculture, and the provision of food and water.

With all the accomplishments made, scientific achievements continue. Modern science, research, and technology are accelerating, which puts in front of everyone the responsibility of enhancing human capabilities and competencies, providing them with knowledge in various fields of science, and empowering them to achieve development goals and make the results of science and expertise in the service of humanity.

In the United Arab Emirates, with the vision of wise leadership, the UAE's strategies were launched in science and advanced technology, and one of its priorities is the participation of members of society in many initiatives aimed at discovering Emirati talents and capabilities and supporting and pushing them towards scientific discoveries. The same also works to qualify young cadres to participate in achieving the goals of sustainable development, relying on investing in science and knowledge and delving into advanced sciences. In this context, I highlight space sciences.

The UAE has developed a pioneering program and has worked for years to achieve wise leadership's vision in this field. Today, the UAE is embarking on a new phase of achievements with the return of astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi after his success in the most extended space mission in Arab history. With this and other previous achievements, the UAE has established itself as a global partner in space travel.

This springs from the UAE's policy aimed at anticipating the future, which reflects on encouraging innovation and leadership in this vital field and makes us proud of the people of the UAE and bless their ambition and efforts, and this will raise the name of the Emirates high regionally and internationally.

We congratulate the return of astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi, who is a model for the successful Emirati youth, which reflects the UAE's investment and interest in youth and building national cadres with the highest levels of quality and excellence.

May God grant success to the people of the UAE and guide their steps with knowledge and work.

Fatima bint Mubarak