Values and the Family

The world celebrates the 15th of May every year as the International Day of the Family, believing in the importance of the family’s role in building individuals and societies. With the multiplicity of topics raised in each annual celebration,  they always include an implicit or explicit reference to the importance of values in the family.

The family has been the incubating environment for the human being since his childhood, and it contributes significantly to the formation of his personality, values, and morals. It is also the first provider of knowledge and the first direction from which man proceeds in building his social relations. For this importance, the world is united in caring for the family, the safety of its construction, and the development of its roles. Family is the main tributary that provides society with good children who can assume the role of fathers and mothers in the future and who will be able to continue building their societies and countries.

Values play an important role in strengthening relationships between family members. They work on shaping human methods and behaviors in dealing with people, events, and social and life issues during his life.In the family environment, the individual learns and practices commitment to the values and ethics reflected in his personality and relationship. Values work to find balance and stability in life and work to enhance social capabilities. Through the family crystallizes, the process of influencing and getting influenced between the individual and society.

Values also play a prominent role in building the social relations between members of society and organizing their dealings in a framework of respect and commitment. We find the emergence of many values, such as cooperation, participation, and tolerance between family members and society, reflected in the community members' adherence and social stability. And makes them more capable of compatibility and social cohesion, enabling them to support development efforts, achieve the aspirations of governments achieving national goals and strengthen loyalty to their culture. It also allows them to assimilate and respect the culture of others and coexist with them in peace.

We must not forget that the perspective of values and the role of the family in instilling them in the hearts of young people constitute a kind of protection in the face of challenges and developments that correspond to and develop the lives of societies at all social, economic or technological levels.

Therefore, the system of values and ethics is the mainstay in building the family, its continuity and strength, and enhancing its capabilities to build advanced societies.

Fatima Bint Mubarak