International Women's Day

This year's International Women's Day celebration is an excellent opportunity to promote the role of women in the journey of science, modern technology, and digital transformation, which is expected to yield impressive results for women in general and female entrepreneurs in particular. It will make it easier for women to gain access to target markets, information, and financial resources, as well as provide them with promising opportunities to grow their businesses.

There is no doubt that women's access to education and training will qualify them to participate in all aspects of business and contribute to the advancement of these technologies through their innovations. It will also allow them to successfully balance their work and family responsibilities and duties, as well as motivate them to achieve more gains that will elevate their status and role in building society and achieving sustainable development goals.

It is also clear that increasing the integration of ICT has become a reality in a variety of fields, such as education and healthcare sectors, and this will undoubtedly provide women with opportunities to utilize their current experiences while blending such experiences with modern technological expertise, and they will have new opportunities, particularly in the fields of investment, business, and many economic activities, as a result of the ongoing changes caused by the digital transformation, which will provide the women with a variety of interesting and unusual jobs.

Because digital transformation is full of modern technologies, women will need exceptional training and qualification to enhance their abilities to capture opportunities and prepare themselves therefor. As a result, women will have access to specialized types of education, training, and qualification in advanced technology fields.

From this point forward, I encourage all women to continue and strengthen their efforts to gain knowledge and skills in science and technology, as well as to use all of the resources available in this era of scientific and technological advancement. I have faith in women's ability and perseverance to learn and work to improve the lives of future generations. Finally, I believe that our future depends on women for a world of peace and science.

Fatima bint Mubarak