International Mother Earth Day

The last few years of 1990s saw extensive efforts to preserve the environment. Since the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002, through the declaration of 2008 as the International Year of Planet Earth, and the official UN declaration of the International Mother Earth Day, countries of the globe have been working to raise awareness on protection of the environment by holding conferences and conducting research and studies to monitor all the challenges facing Earth. Nature is suffering, as oceans are filled with all types of harmful waste, in addition to forest fires in every single continent now, floods, diseases and epidemics, and air and water pollution.

Earth is experiencing myriad challenges, a matter which requires collective work and shared responsibility to protect Earth, our haven for living, eco-strategies and systems, and quest for a more sustainable economy. The more we can develop suitable and sustainable ecosystems to protect our planet, the more we can support and enhance all life on Earth.

So, everyone is asked to care for the nature of the Earth and take expeditious steps against climate change, which negatively affects the lives of peoples and take down their opportunities to live. This again requires new strategies for sustainable development considering all climate and environmental factors and changes, and developing appropriate solutions to confront this issue. These solutions include ones related to changing the energy, industry, transport, food, agriculture and forest systems. There should be a looking-forward vision, in terms of developing solutions to address the problems facing the Earth, or in the event that these solutions are delayed, and the effects of this on human life and chances of life on Earth.

We have so many visions and breakthroughs in science and technology. There are opportunities to use artificial intelligence mechanisms together with many of these accelerators to get to serious and sustainable solutions that allow every sector, organization and institution to play a fruitful role in cooperating with individuals and raising awareness of the importance of protecting nature and not misusing any methods that would lead to more environmental problems that contribute to climate change continuation.

Integrated efforts and the implementation of productive plans under shared responsibilities will certainly have an impact on reducing the effects of human origin on climate change, and we will definitely work to create an appropriate environment that enables us to live safely on Earth.

Fatima bint Mubarak