International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Women have emerged worldwide in the field of science and technology as a major contributor to supporting the development process in many countries.

 There is no doubt that empowering women, opening up the fields of education for them without discrimination, and making them obtain opportunities for education, training and work enabled them to raise their position in this vital field as researchers, explorers  and influencers in the development of inventions..

 On the International Day of Women and Girls in the Field of Science, UNESCO called on the international community, states and individuals to work together to make equality a tangible reality in the field of science, which called on many countries to respond to this call because of its importance in promoting women's participation in this field.

Empowering girls and women through their involvement in the education of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is an urgent necessity, and United Nations statistics indicate the development of the number of girls and women enrolled in the field of science and technology in many countries of the world, including the Arab countries.    

 I commend the contributions of girls and women in this field, as they worked hard to develop many scientific pieces of research and technologies in the fields of medicine, pharmacy , mathematics, engineering, technology, energy and the environment, which had a great impact on the development of the quality of life.  

 Therefore, supporting their participation in the study of science and technology, whether in accessing education or work opportunities, is a topic that needs no discussion, as it is an important and imperative matter in achieving development.  

It is also not possible in any way to limit the aspirations of women and their contribution to stereotyped fields, as they have the right to obtain opportunities that enhance their position in the field of science and improve their thinking and skills in building science in its various fields and benefit from its achievements at the same time..

In history, there are enough achievements for women from all countries, including Arab countries, who made very important scientific discoveries, and we are proud of their achievements and consider them shining models for current and future generations.

In this context, increasing the support for girls and women to be active in this field is of great importance, and they must receive adequate encouragement and enact legislation and facilities that enable them to achieve what they aspire to.

Investing in women as researchers and scientists is important in supporting the achievement of global development goals. Therefore, the success of development efforts depends on making women full partners in all fields of life, the most important of which is the field of science and technology, especially since the economic performance in any country depends rapidly on access to new technology.  

 This technology is considered a successful means in the hands of women, as it enables them to expand their economic role and provides them with broad horizons that work to develop their personalities and capabilities and enable them to contribute fruitfully to the development.


Fatima Bint Mubarak