Emirati Women's Day

On the twenty-eighth of August of each year, the UAE society recalls the achievements of Emirati women and appreciates all that they have provided in order to build the nation. The identification of such a day is a national occasion and evidence of the appreciation of the wise leadership of Emirati women .It is the leadership that has made women’s empowerment a priority in its strategies and work programs. Mechanisms have been put in place and decisions and legislations have been issued in order for women to have promising opportunities that prepare them to participate in all areas of sustainable development.

 I witnessed all fields of specialty: the teacher educator, who worked and overcame the difficulties of distance education and developed the skills and methods of education in order to do her job to the fullest, and the entrepreneur who was able to achieve her aspirations and successfully fought the financial, business and investment sector and proved her worth and became the owner of major companies and business leaders. She also joined the advanced technology and space sciences sector and began managing work in the oil and gas fields.

I also witness every year that Emirati women strive to achieve more achievements and launch many pioneering initiatives in various fields.

Since I began my life in leading and caring for Emirati women, I realized that she is worthy of trust and that she is a human force that will make a difference in the UAE’s development process. I was following up with her process and we faced the challenges together and overcame them . My aspiration for the Emirati woman was and still boundless. I felt her distinction and I have full confidence in her intelligence and natural instincts, which made her never forget her key role in being a good wife and mother who cares about building her family.

I consider that the success of women in building a family raising young people, and creating generations to be a fundamental success for her, and a great contributor to her support for professional and personal success which will undoubtedly be reflected in building the society to which the wise leadership aspires, a cohesive society in which security and stability prevail, and its children enjoy happiness and prosperity.

On this occasion, I can only congratulate the Emirati woman and commend her on all her achievements especially the mothers of the martyrs who set the most wonderful examples of sacrifice for the sake of the country. And congratulations to the nation with its loyal women who offer all their capabilities and what they can in order to preserve and keep the Emirates to be in the first row and number one among the countries of the world.

Fatima Bint Mubarak