Education is our Top Priority

Education is one of the most important vital factors for developing knowledge and skills that empower people to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Hence, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, may God protect him, always says "Education is our top priority, the focus of our attention, and our bet for the future".

Education is our top priority, as this is our wise leadership's vision and strategy. The United Arab Emirates has adopted the approach of strengthening the education system, which focuses on creativity and innovation while giving more attention to students by redefining the education, which integrates the achievement of social and economic sustainability, increasing students' access to skills and development thereof in a way that aims to achieve outstanding educational outcomes while working to provide students with opportunities for self-education and support their lifelong learning.

The UAE's educational systems have adopted a complete technical education curriculum when required and rely on interactive and experimental education via educational platforms and real and virtual laboratories.

Based on its desire to enhance the education system, the wise leadership directed to review the education systems, regulations, and outcomes on an ongoing basis to achieve an integrated system consistent with the UAE's economic and social strategic objectives, while updating the curricula in line with current and future conditions according to recent economic, political, social, and environmental developments.

The process of developing the educational system is ongoing and complementary, as well as it aims to realize the vision of the leadership.

In light of the UAE leadership's vision for the next fifty years, which aims to build human beings and prepare them to continue our journey, the UAE has adopted a type of education that aims to achieve more than just preparing young people for a better world, but it also works to provide students with the skills they require, while also emphasizing the importance of equipping them with values such as citizenship, civilizational identity, moral, social, and economic values, as well as other values which represent authentic values in our society to empower them to become active and responsible citizens participating in the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development.

The UAE President, may Allah protect him, believes that education quality and its outcomes efficiency are the keys to progress, ensuring the preservation of our homeland and enabling its citizens to achieve comprehensive development goals. As a result, the success of the educational process and the quality of its outcomes are at the forefront of our wise leadership's priorities, focusing a great part of their efforts on developing good citizens.

Fatima bint Mubarak