Climate change is one of the prominent challenges threatening global growth and prosperity in the long term. In the last few years, global awareness of climate change has increased, and it has become one of the threats related to the national security of countries due to its relationship to food, water, and energy security. This necessitated the convening of many international conferences, the most significant being the Conference of the Parties, hosted this year by the UAE in its twenty-eighth session.

The UAE’s hosting of COP28 comes as a critical milestone during which the world’s efforts will come together regarding effective climate action while providing practical solutions, with broad participation from governments, organizations, civil society groups, and private sector companies. This participation will also provide vast opportunities for decision-making in the world regarding climate issues, especially confronting climate challenges, which are the most critical issues facing our planet and future.

Therefore, attention, hard work, and responsibility are urgently necessary for everyone, and there is nothing like this global Conference to bring promising opportunities that help us create a better future for our countries and societies.

The UAE has succeeded in hosting COP28 as a regional leader in the energy and sustainability sector for its successful confrontation of many climate challenges by launching many projects and initiatives in the field of environment protection and for its achievement of sustainability in many areas. Meanwhile, the UAE set its goal to attain climate neutrality by 2050. This goal ensures the country’s transition to a green economy and clean energy, with the importance of promoting well-being and economic growth.

In this spirit, we are highly confident in the UAE’s ability to develop a global consensus between developed and developing countries to contain and confront climate change and to seek common ground between all the parties to deal effectively with climate issues, which is the official goal of this Conference. We also hope that the participating parties come up with recommendations and decisions that can be implemented to maximize the benefits for countries and peoples.

Fatima bint Mubarak