This is how Fatima bint Mubarak spoke

Abla Al-nawais
Year : 2019
Language : Arabic
Publisher : National Archives

The book includes 5 chapters: it begins with brief gifting followed by two sayings one of which is for Sheikh Zayed-may God rest his soul - and the other for Sheikha Fatima Bin Mubarak (Mother of the Emirates-may God protect her and her care) and then the index that contains a list of chapters of the book; chapter I: introduction; chapter II: about 1980-2003. Chapter Three: the period of the eighties, which highlights the founding phase of the women's movement in the UAE and the efforts of the "mother of the Emirates" to move forward with the wheel of development and Renaissance. Chapter IV: reviews the period of the 1990s and highlights the empowerment of women. Chapter Five: the Millennium, which contains the views expressed by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima on Sheikh Zayed's efforts and its positive role in women's work, the development of legislation to protect the rights of children, women in the education system, Emirati Women, Family stability, keeping pace with development, loyalty, and belonging. The last part of the book contains images that reflect Sheikh Zayed's interest in women, as well as heritage events held by the women's Union.