Mother of the Nation …Pride of our home country

Emirates Businesswomen Council
Year : 2012
Language : Arabic/English
Publisher : Emirates Businesswomen Council

The book talks about the pioneering role of the mother of the  Emirates locally, regionally, and internationally, as Her Highness  has been keen to support the march of Emirati women and girls  since assuming leadership of women's work, beginning with the  establishment of the Abu Dhabi Women's Renaissance Association  in 1973 to be the first women's gathering in the UAE, so that  women today are able to achieve many achievements Thanks to  the support of the country and its wise leadership.  

Also, the book includes many expressive words said about Her  Highness Sheikha Fatima and embodies the love of all society and  their appreciation for the person of Her Highness. Moreover, it lists  the most important global, regional and local shields and honors  that the "Mother of the Emirates" won during her life.