Fatima bint Mubarak … Immortal attitudes and achievements

Prof. Alaa Nawras
Year : 2010
Language : Arabic
Publisher : United Arab of Emirates University

The book, in its scientific and methodological style, reviews the pioneering role of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, as the first chapter shows her vision and determination to achieve the goals that she aspired to achieve, and the second chapter provides a historical reading for the difficult time of the country development, and what follows in chapter three is how her highness's strong will helped to conquer all the complex challenges.

Moreover, the fourth chapter of the book reviews the transformation in the strategic women's renaissance and sustainable creativity, followed by the fifth chapter, which showcases the different positions of Her Highness in human roles. Finally, the last chapter talks about all the local, Arab, and international honors her highness has gained.