The Importance of Education

“Education is the window from which women oversee civilizations. It is our way to keep up with the march of development and progress and the continued advancement of our society.”

Her Highness says about illiteracy and its gravity, especially among women

“Illiteracy is the fiercest enemy of women and society, and I dream of a day when the illiteracy rate in the UAE and the Arab world will diminish to zero.”

Her Highness has a comprehensive and unconventional vision of illiteracy, reflected in her saying:
“Illiteracy is not only the incapacity to read and write. There are illiterate behaviours and thoughts, customs and traditions that hinder the growth and development of nations and peoples. There is also illiteracy in misconceptions that have nothing to do with today’s world.”

Women's Work

“The UAE opened all closed doors to women and left them free to choose. Our reality proves that there are no barriers of any kind to the efficiency and giving ability of both women and men. Efficiency is the only standard and requirement for progress for both sexes. There are even clear directives to provide all facilities for women to increase their contribution to evolution and development. Our reality also shows that women in our country have already occupied a prominent place in the world of work and in many distinct positions and that they confirmed their success in all leadership positions they assumed, and this is important.”

About Childhood

“The child is the future maker, the man of tomorrow, so we have to work for him to grow healthy and strong, whether socially or culturally. In this sense education and health are the two pillars adopted in building the human in the UAE.”

Social Welfare

“Very briefly, social welfare in the UAE means providing every possible means to realize a dignified family life and to remove all obstacles and problems faced by any member of the community. We believe that the biggest investment is in individuals themselves, and in order to enjoy the benefits of this investment we have to provide social welfare for all individuals, whether children, youth, women, elderly, or disabled. Everyone has his share of social welfare.”

Youth (males and females)

“This generation has a great potential available, but I do not fear for it from welfare society. Prosperity is the right of every citizen, but it is important not to misuse this right. This is particularly wrong and the solution is good raising methods and the transmission of values and ethics since childhood through education programs so that the welfare will not turn into a way of spoiling and pampering.”

Current and future women's issues

“It was an incredible successful choice that of “Equality … Development…Peace” as women global slogan. These are the real foundations of the advancement of women and human society alike. The truth is that the goals of the three decades are interlinked and mutually reinforcing each other so that achieving one of them might be considered a prerequisite for achieving the other two goals. Equality for women means gaining rights denied as a result of discrimination. The importance of equality and the way it is related to the other objectives lies in our understanding that development in conditions of inequality, both between men and women and between communities, leads to the consolidation of injustice and increasing conflicts and social and political tensions.”

The Need for Women's Interest in Politics

“Anyone who thinks that politics today is only for men is wrong. Politics is in our daily bread and impose itself on us like it or not. I believe that women and children are the most affected by the impact of the political problems and wars. Man may take the decision of war without taking into account that the scourge of war can reach up to his house and cost him dear and loved ones, but this really happens. Therefore what happens around us every day , the violation of human rights , the killing and displacement of women and children, the destruction and enmity between the brothers of the same nation, is insane and confirms the responsibility of women in promoting peace and planting the culture of peace in their sons is their duty.”