In her message to the martyrs' mothers on the occasion of Commemoration Day

H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak

Abu Dhabi 29 November 2017

Commemoration Day is a milestone in the history of the UAE. The wise leadership chose 30th November as a date close to UAE National Day celebrations to remind the nation of the great sacrifices our martyrs have given to protect our homeland."

She went on to advise the mothers of martyrs to have patience and solace, adding that they are an example to all of the UAE people, as they have offered the ultimate sacrifice, their children, to protect the nation’s security and stability. "It is you who deserve praise, honour, appreciation and gratitude for your dedication and sacrifices made for the nation," Sheikha Fatima added.

"Your sons and daughters are our children, we too have felt the pain of their loss as they were defending the security and stability of our country and our neighbouring states. We are proud despite the magnitude of this great loss. Our martyrs’ heroism will forever be recorded with glory and pride."

Sheikha Fatima called upon the mothers of children who have lost their fathers in battle to be the best educators for their children and raise them with the values and conviction for the love of the homeland on which their fathers were raised.

She added that the nation’s martyrs light up the glorious history and journey on which the UAE has embarked. "Our valiant Armed Forces have been entrusted to serve the nation, to deter aggression and injustice, and help our brothers and friends in neighbouring nations."

"Our martyrs, the sons of Zayed, have responded to the call of duty for the homeland. They are a symbol of courage, whose sacrifice will not be forsaken nor forgotten. They will remain in our nation’s memory, with pride, for their brotherly, Arab, and humanitarian service, and the UAE will continue to stand high, led by its rulers and the determination of its brave people," Sheikha Fatima said.

Her Highness concluded by noting that Emirati women are also dedicated to serving their country with great fervour, whether by joining the ranks of the Armed Forces, or at home, school and work. "UAE women are a source of pride for the nation. This is a natural result of the honour accorded to Emirati women who enjoy equal rights with their brothers in all fields."