Elderly Care

The Elderly are in need for social and psychological care and we have to honor them for, just like our fathers, they suffered a lot for their children

Fatima Bint Mubarak

  • Support of, and follow-up on the promulgation of the Social Security Law No. 6 of 1977 amended by the Law No. 13 of 1981 concerning Elderly Care.
  • Introduction and Implementation of a National Strategy for the Elderly 2013-2017 in the field of Active aging and efforts to enhance social and organizational awareness of the importance of investing the Elderly potentials to the social and economic benefit of the country 2013.
  • Eid al Fitr clothings for the Elderly and organization of regular visits to them to check on their conditions and requirements.
  • Directions to provide comprehensive health insurance system to exempt the Elderly from the service charges and the cost of integral and advanced healthcare at all government hospitals.
  • Instructions to develop the existing Elderly care centers and houses and to provide all the services and facilities according to the international specifications of the leading countries in the field of Elderly care.
  • Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak has always directed to instill the values of the UAE community which provide for the protection and care for elderly people.. All the elderly sections at hospitals and care houses should be regularly visited and all their needs and requirements should be met 1978.
  • Directions to provide domestic medical care for the Elderly to complete their medical treatment at home with the help of specialized medical staff. Directions to provide preventive awareness programs for the Elderly and those looking after them of the importance of proper nutrition, physical fitness and early detection of diseases and disease prevention.
  • Sponsoring the organization of recreational activities for the Elderly and their families under the supervision of the Family Development Foundation and Emirates Heritage Club 2013.
  • Instructions to provide the electronic discount cards for the Elderly to use public transport facilities.
  • Instructions to conduct studies on the Elderly conditions at care centers and houses, and to remedy all the obstacles hindering the provision of proper care and protection. Elderly people (above 60) account for 3.6% of the total UAE population and around 13% of the Elderly have already exceeded the age of 80 and this category needs rehabilitation care 2013.
  • Spread the active aging culture and its role in improving the quality of the Elderly life by enhancing their ability and enabling them to actively participate in the community. Almost 60% of the Elderly are between 60 and 69 and represent an active segment with the ability to participate in various activities.
  • Instructions to establish a modern house for Elderly care that is equipped with all health, social and recreational services and facilities according to the latest and state-of-the-art international equipment.